Savarin aux Cerises

A delightful dessert, Savarin aux Cerises (sah-vah-rahn oh sehr-ees) is soaked in fruit juice and decorated with cherries.

If you prefer, fresh black cherries may be substituted for the canned Morello cherries. If they are used, halve, stone and poach them in a little water for about

5 minutes.

1 Savarin, warm

14 oz. canned Morello cherries

2 tablespoons kirsch

10 fl. oz. orange juice

15 fl. oz. Creme Chantilly

1 orange, peeled, white pith removed and segmented

Return the savarin to its mould and, using a kitchen fork, prick the top all over. Set aside.

In a medium-sized saucepan, combine the cherry can juice, kirsch and orange juice and heat them over moderate heat, stirring frequently. When the liquid is hot but not boiling, remove the pan from the heat. Carefully pour the cherry and orange juice mixture over the savarin and set aside for 10 minutes or until the syrup has been absorbed. Invert a serving dish over the mould and reverse the two. The savarin will slide out easily. Set aside to cool completely.

Fill the centre of the savarin with the cherries. Fill a forcing bag, fitted with a 2-inch star nozzle, with the cream and pipe it decoratively around the base. Cut

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