Rotisserie roasting is an adaptation of the ancient form of spit-roasting in front of an open fire.

Nowadays, the more expensive gas and electric stoves have a rotisserie spit attached, usually to the grill or oven. Small portable appliances are also widely available.

Spit-roasting sears meat or poultry very quickly, thus retaining the natural juices, and the rotation of the spit allows the meat or poultry to self-baste in its own fat. Boned and rolled joints of good quality roasting meat, poultry and small game birds are ideal for this method of roasting, as are small pieces of meat such as sausages, kidneys, etc. in the form of kebabs.

To spit-roast lean meat it is necessary to brush it with oil or melted butter before and during cooking. It is prefer-able to bard a large roast by tying a piece of fat over the lean part. The time taken in cooking is slightly longer per pound, about 5 to 10 minutes depending on the joint, than the usual oven-roasting method.

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