Rose Pests and Diseases

The rose is subject to a number of pests and diseases, and these should be guarded against. The following are the most troublesome, with the remedy for their destruction:

Grubs and Caterpillars often attack the rose bushes and these are noted by the leaves curling up. The grub will be in this curl and it should be picked off and destroyed with the thumb and finger.

Greenfly or Rose Aphis are green and reddish brown pests which usually collect on the tips of the rose buds. These should be sprayed with any good insecticide. This will also serve as a remedy for most other pests.

Mildew. This is a very troublesome disease, and often hard to eradicate. It is detected by a white mould on the foliage of the roses, and should be destroyed at once, otherwise it will spread from plant to plant. The affected parts should be sprayed with a solution of one ounce liver of sulphur dissolved in five gallons of rain water. This is also an effective remedy for most other fungoid diseases.

Black Spot is seen as black spots, some-times ½ inch in diameter, on the leaves. The badly-affected portions should be removed and burnt, but a spray with liver of sulphur is a good preventative.

Rose Leaf Scorch is detected by the yellow-green patches on the leaves. These patches will gradually increase in size and often fall out, leaving a hole in the leaf. The affected portions should be sprayed with liver of sulphur solution in spring.

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