Richardla in the greenhouse

The well-known Arum Lily, can be cultivated in any ordinary greenhouse. Use a soil of equal parts loam, cow manure and silver sand. Repot annually in August to September and water moderately during the winter, giving more water as the flowering period draws near.

While the plants are in flower they can be fed with a little nitrate of soda or sulphate of ammonia. If preferred the plants can be set out in a sunny position in May, to flower in the open, and repotted again in August or September.

Rivina. Stove evergreens that bear scarlet berries and make useful table decorations.

Pot in February or March in leaf-mould and sandy loam. During the summer they can be set out in sunny frames and in September brought into a light part of the greenhouse. Weak stimulants should be given occasionally from October to February.

Increase by cuttings of young shoots inserted in February or March.

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