RAVENS as pets

NOW that parrots cannot be imported, our British talking birds may be expected to resume some of their old-time popularity. Of these the raven is the most convenient and interesting to keep, as it is big enough to be able to be allowed to go about with a clipped wing with a reasonable chance of safety for itself, if not for immunity from mischief from it for other creatures, for it is a confirmed practical joker and thief.

It often talks very well in a gruff sepulchral tone, and the male at any rate has a way of puffing out his long throat feathers to look like a beard. The hen does not do this, though her feathering there is the same.

Except for tricks like this, the sexes of the raven are remarkably alike, but young birds can be distinguished from adults by their pale bluish eyes and by having the inside of the mouth red instead of black. Ravens are fond of bathing and should be fed mostly on raw animal food. They have been known to breed in captivity, but need a big aviary if not allowed to range about with a wing cut.

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