Positioning A Kitchen Sink

The Kitchen Sink

The position of the sink will normally be determined by existing pipes and drainage system, but these may be awkwardly placed in some converted houses. Even if it costs a lot of money it is worth having the pipe layout altered so that the sink comes under the window. Then the monotony of washing dishes will be relieved by an occasional glance at the garden, and an eye can be kept on Junior disporting in the sandpit or making mud pies.

If hot water pipes present a problem, fit an individual hot water unit which can be bought at your gas or electricity showrooms. Such a unit is often more economical because you are only heating the water used and not what is in the pipe that joins up with the tank.

positioning a kitchen sink

Earthenware sinks have long ago been discarded for those made of steel, vitreous enamel or fibreglass. Of the three, stainless steel is the longest-wearing and — though it is twice the price of the other two, looks cold and forbidding and is liable to scratching — it is the best buy. However careful you are with vitreous enamel there is always the danger of chipping, and it is impossible to ‘make good’ bared patches successfully. Fibreglass on the other hand is at present cheaper than stainless steel but liable to break if subjected to a severe blow.

To prevent undue surface scratches on stainless steel draining boards lay perforated rubber sheeting on top — obtainable from Woolworths or any hardware shop in various colours to match the kitchen décor.

Given sufficient space, a double sink served by swivel mixer tap and with a draining board at each side is highly desirable.

A right-handed person can then stack dirty dishes on the board on the left, wash them in detergent and water in the adjoining sink, and swill them in clear water in the one on the right before placing in a draining rack standing on the board on the right.

With a single sink there is a temptation to wipe dishes dry with detergent still on them. The claim is made that soapless detergents drain away, without leaving a trace, but in practice they don’t. And although the human system is sufficiently resilient to resist real harm, people with a highly developed sense of taste claim that they can taste detergent when the dishes are re-used.

In spite of the praise for mixer taps, where there is insufficient space to accommodate a double sink it is difficult to see what advantage they have over two separate taps — one for hot and the other for cold water. They are considerably more expensive.

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