Plomeria in the greenhouse

These plants are bulbous rooted, with very beautiful flowers, usually in various shades of red, yellow and orange.

They will thrive in a compost of loam, leaf-mould and sand. Pot in September or October, setting the bulbs 1 in. apart and 1 in. deep. They will flower in spring or summer. Until growth commences the pots should be stood in ashes, or coconut fibre rcfuso, in a cold frame, but when the leaves begin to show they should be removed to the greenhouse.

From this time on, until the plants have flowered, they should have plenty of water, but after this they should be kept nearly dry. When the foliage has died down the bulbs should be lifted, and replanted in autumn. They are increased by means of offsets removed at potting time and treated as advised for bulbs.

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