A pickle is a vegetable or fruit, or a com-bination of vegetables and fruit, preserved in spiced vinegar. It is usually served as an accompaniment to cold meat, cheese and meat loaf.

Pickles are easy to make and economical too if you make them when the fruit or vegetables being used are in season. When making pickles, it is important to use only fresh, firm, unblemished fruit and vegetables and good quality vinegar. The saucepan is important too; only stainless steel, aluminium or enamel-coated should be used since the acid in vinegar reacts to metals such as copper and iron.

Pichones en Mole is an unusual dish of squabs with chocolate sauce.

The most suitable containers for pickles are glass preserving jars with vacuum sealed lids. These prevent the pickle from evaporating.

Most pickles will keep for several months.

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