Physostegia (Falso Dragons Head)

Hardy herbaceous border plants. The flowering period is from June-September; the blooms rosy-pink, borne on steins 1-4 ft. in height.

Plant in autumn or spring in a light ordinary soil. They prefer a cool and partly-shaded spot. Increase by division of roots in autumn or late spring, or by cuttings of young shoots taken in spring; also seeds may be sown in a sandy soil in the open ground in April.

Phyteuma. Hardy perennial herbs mostly grown in the rock garden and borders.

Plant in spring in a rich loam, with an addition of old mortar rubble and leaf-mould. They like a sunny position, and plenty of moisture. They should be left undisturbed, and only lifted when they are overgrown, when they may be divided. This should take place in spring. Give a top dressing in early spring.

Seeds may be sown in autumn in a cold frame, transplanting the seedlings to their flowering position in the open ground in spring.

P. comosum is of compact habit with lilac flowers tipped with violet. The flowers are carried on 1 in. stems in July.

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