Pelargonium (Zonal) in the greenhouse

These plants are used for summor bedding, and should be brought into the groenhouso in the autumn. The amateur sometimes finds it difficult to keep them through the winter but with care this should be possible.

In July or August cuttings of sido-shoots should be taken and inserted in sandy soil in 5-inch pots, or singly in 2-inch pots. They should be kept moist overhead to induce them to root more quickly, but as soon as roots have formed, the plants should be kept dry above and water given only to the soil.

The use of very open soil containing sharp sand and a proportion of mortar rubble, is the best way of preventing damping-off.

When grown purely and simply for greenhouse decoration, geraniums (Zonal Pelargoniums) are most valued during the wintor months. To ensure winter flowers, cuttings may be taken in spring, or if autumn rooted cuttings are used, they should be prevented from flowering through the summer months by having all the flower buds pinched out as they appear. Modern Geraniums include a great variety of colour – rose, crimson, salmon, white, etc and also some which have variegated leaves.

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