Food Additives: Are they dangerous?

Food manufacturers use flavourings, preservatives and colourings to restore or improve the taste, texture or colour of the foods they sell. Altogether they use several thousand different additives and in recent years there has been a considerable amount of discussion about the safety of these substances. Since the average consumer eats around 5.51b (2.5kg) ofContinue Reading


You may think your diet is healthy. But let’s find out! Answer the questions in this simple quiz to find out exactly how healthy your eating habits really are! Which sort of bread do you usually buy? White Wholemeal Do you eat an average of one piece of fresh fruit Every day? Most days? Occasionally?Continue Reading

Is milk healthy?

Cow’s milk Milk has a tremendous reputation as a healthy food. The consumption of milk has been rising steadily for decades. But that reputation is hardly deserved. Here are three health reasons why I don’t drink cow’s milk— a drink which is really only suitable for calves! (I also object to the way cows areContinue Reading


Do you regularly suffer from headaches, indigestion or palpitations? Do you get edgy, irritable and nervous? Do you ever feel tired and washed out? Do you have difficulty in getting to sleep at night? If you have answered yes to any of these questions then there could be a simple explanation. For if, in additionContinue Reading

Alcohol and alcoholism – know your limits

The liver isn’t the only organ damaged by too much drinking. Stomach ulcers, muscle wastage, cancer and brain disease all occur in alcoholics. The incidence of alcoholism is going up fist as more women drink to excess. Early physical symptoms include hand tremor, indigestion, poor appetite, impotence, fits, blackouts, memory lapses and frequent accidents. Anxiety,Continue Reading

Safe Drinking – Water Fit to drink?

You probably don’t think of water as a food but water is just as valuable as anything you eat. A massive 60% to 65% of your body is water! (The figure is even higher for a baby. Approximately 75% of a baby’s weight is water). If you didn’t eat and didn’t drink it would beContinue Reading

Vitamins and minerals and what they do for you

Although they are sometimes called ‘micro-nutrients’ because we need them in such very small quantities, vitamins and minerals are essential for healthy living. Vitamins and minerals: Help keep your body tissues healthy Help keep your skin in good condition Produce enzymes to help your body function Help turn food into energy Help keep your nervesContinue Reading

What you need to know about food

In an average lifetime you will eat thirty tons of food From those thirty tons of food your body will derive the building materials it needs both to grow and to repair itself and the energy to keep muscles functioning and organs such as the brain and the liver operating effectively. Food helps to provideContinue Reading


Warfarin is a drug that interferes with the body’s clotting mechanism. It takes some time to kick in, unlike heparin, and is given to prevent clotting in deep vein thrombosis or emboli. Careful monitoring of blood clotting time is required but it may be a life-saving compound. Naturopathic treatments are available but should only beContinue Reading


This drug, released in America in the early part of 1998, encourages the production of a firm erection by influencing a chemical that, in turn, constricts the contraction of the veins in the penis as opposed to relaxing the muscles in the arteries. Highlighting the large number of men with erectile problems this drug hasContinue Reading

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