If you lack minerals, eat more of the following foods:

– beets

– parsley

– celery

– cabbage

– onion

– black radish

Avoid chemical diuretics, and an excess of diuretic foods like raspberries, gooseberries and watermelon, especially watermelon juice (although these foods actually provide the body with minerals when ingested in reasonable amounts).

Recommended foods

– almonds

– pineapple, oranges, apples, grapes

– black and red radish

– clay (a teaspoon of nutritional clay dissolved in glass of water)

– beets

– wheat, barley, soybean

– carrots

– celery, parsley

– cherries

– mushrooms

– cabbage

– dates

– strawberries, gooseberries

– lettuce

– yeast

– onion Foods to avoid

– peanuts

– egg white

– asparagus, artichoke,

Brussel sprouts

– fat broth

– processed meats

– liver, kidney and other organs – white flour and its derivative products (white bread, pastry, biscuits, etc.)

– raspberries

– strong fermented cheese

– lard

– white beans

– refined oils

– dried legumes (lentils, peas, chick peas, etc.) ^

– watermelon

– semolina

– white sugar and derivative products (candy, etc.) – tea, coffee, alcohol, chocolate

– meat, fish, poultry, game

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