Nepenthes in the greenhouse

Evergreen sub-shrubby perennials, commonly known as the Pitcher Plants, a name duo to the fact that these plants have long lance-shaped leaves, terminating with hollow, cup-like vessels provided with a cup, and containing water.

Pot in January or February in hanging baskets suspended from the greenhouse roof in a compost of equal parts loam, peat and sphagnum moss, with a little broken charcoal and sand, to assist drainage. They like plenty of wateY during the summer and should be syringed daily at all. Times. A moist, hot atmosphere is essential and a temperature from 60 to 80 degrees according to season, should be maintained.

Increase by offsets or suckers which come from the base of the shoots, or by seeds in peat and sphagnum moss in a temperature of 80 to S5 degrees.

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