Nemelia in the greenhouse

Tuberous-rooted perennials with soft green or crimson, heart-shaped leaves.

Pot in March, May or June, to flower in summer, autumn or winter, in a compost of two parts fibrous peat, one part loam, one part leaf-mould, with an addition of decayed manure and silver sand. Use a 5-inch pot for each tuber and plant 1 inch deep. If larger pots are used the tubers should be 1 to 2 inches apart.

Water moderately until after the flowers have faded, when less should be given gradually until the plants are quite dry. When the flowers begin to appear, a weak dose of liquid manure will be of help once or twice a week.

When the foliage dies down the plants should be lifted and stored in a warm, dry place until planting time. Increase by division of the rhizomes at potting time, or by cuttings of young shoots inserted in sandy peat in a temperature of 75 degrees. Seeds may also be Bown in well-drained pots of sandy peat in the samo heat as for cuttings.

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