Muscari (Grape Hyacinth)

Hard bulbous plants which may be grown in beds, in the border, or on the rockery.

Pkint in autumn in a deep sandy loam, in a sunny position, setting the bulbs 2-4 in. deep and li in. apart, according to the size of the bulb. The surface of the beds should be given a good mulching of decayed manure in November.

Propagate by offsets removed when the old bulbs are lifted and replanted, which should take place every third year. Also seeds may be sown in September in sandy soil. Flowers appear when the seedlings are three or four years old.

Some of the best varieties for the amateurs garden are:

M. Botryoides (Grape Hyacinth), dark blue, March or April. Height 7 in.

M. B. alba, white variety.

M. cosmosum, mauve, April. Height 1 ft.

M. moschatum, purple brown, April. Height 9-10 in. Fragrant.

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