Meringue Cuite

Meringue Cuite (mair-ang kweet) is a firmer meringue than either Meringue Suisse or Meringue Italienne and is used for making meringue baskets and for piping. Icing sugar is used instead of castor sugar to give a smoother finish. If the meringue mixture is beaten by hand, the bowl must be placed over hot water, but this is not necessary if an electric mixer is used. The yield is based on the amount of sugar used and is only a guide for future recipes.

4 egg whites

8 oz. icing sugar

In a large heatproof mixing bowl, beat the egg whites and sugar together with a wire whisk or rotary beater.

Half-fill a large saucepan with hot water and place it over low heat. Place the mixing bowl over, not in, the saucepan and beat the mixture until it forms stiff glossy peaks.

Remove the pan from the heat and the bowl from the pan. Continue beating the meringue mixture for 2 minutes. The meringue is now ready to use.

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