Meadow Sweet

Hardy herbaceous perennials suitable for border cultivation. They can also be grown on the margin of streams and in the rock garden.

Plant in autumn or spring in an ordinary rich, well-manured soil. They like a moist and partially-shaded position. Top dress in spring with decayed manure. They like plenty of water in dry weather. Lift and divide every three or four years.

Some of the best varieties for the amateurs garden are: Aruncus, white, July. 4 ft.

Aruncus KneiJJi, pure white, June-August. 2 ft.

Palmata, deep rose, June-August. 2£ ft.

Venusta Queen of the Prairie), soft pink. 4-5 ft.

Statice (Sea Lavender). Hardy herbaceous perennial plants, suitable for border and rock garden cultivation.

Plant in spring in a sandy loam, in a sunny position. Take cuttings of roots in early spring. These plants may also be increased by seeds sown in early spring in mild heat.

Some of the best varieties for the amateurs garden are: Statice eximes, rosy-lilac, July-September. 1 ft.

S. incanu, white, dwarf habit.

S. latifolia, mauve, August-September. 2 ft.

S. tartarica, pink.

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