THESE exceedingly pretty little monkeys are inhabitants of South America, and have not the usual mischievous ways of their tribe, though they are not to be trusted with small birds. They make charming indoor pets, if given a roomy cage with a snug retiring box and allowed an occasional run outside.


In summer they can be kept in a place like an aviary with a sunny sheltered house and an outside wire enclosure both provided with branches for exercise. A pair should be kept together, and they will sometimes breed, producing two young at a birth, which are cared for by the male as well as the female. The food should be sponge-cake, cut up into slices, fruit-in season, hemp-seed in place of nuts, and any insects available, as well as sparrows eggs if they can be got. Water should be given.

Can Sit in a Tumbler

The common grey kind have large white or black tufts of hair over the ears when adult, so a small specimen, minus ear whiskers may be put down as young, and is a most comical little creature, small enough to go into a tumbler.

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