Maple Cocktail

A famous, delicious cocktail, Maple Cocktail is made with bourbon maple syrup – the siveetness of the syrup being offset by the lemon juice, of which more or less can be added, depending on how sweet you like your drink. Allow roughly 3 fluid ounces per cocktail.

4 x

1-inch strips finely pared lemon rind 4 ice cubes, coarsely crushed 6 fl. oz. bourbon 4 11. oz. fresh lemon juice 3 fl, oz. maple syrup

Place a strip of the lemon rind in each of four cocktail glasses. Put the glasses in the lefrigerator until they are well chilled.

Place the crushed ice cubes in a chilled cocktail shaker and pour over the whisky, lemon juice and maple syrup. Screw on the lid firmly. Shake the cocktail vigorously for a few minutes until it is chilled, but not long enough to allow the ice to melt too much and dilute the cocktail.

Strain the cocktail into the chilled glasses and serve immediately.

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