How to Cultivate Vegetable Marrow

Although this vegetable is quite easy to cultivate, it is not very popularly grown in northern districts. It is, however, widely cultivated in southern districts.

It is a tender plant and will need some protection, preferably a cold frame, or a mound of fresh manure and leaf-mould.

The seed should be sown in March in small thumb pots, planting into larger pots as the seedlings develop, and gradu- ally hardening-off for planting out in May or June. These should be planted on to the mound. They will need plenty of water. Turves should be placed on top of the manure under the plants to prevent the roots growing too quickly. This will encourage the formation of flowers, and consequently fruit. The fruits should be cut when they are fairly well grown. Vegetable marrows are also largely used for jam-making, and they should in this case be allowed to get thoroughly ripened. All the fruits should have been picked by the middle of September.

The manure which has been used for their cultivation will not have been exhausted, and this can be dug into the soil which is to receive another crop.

Some of the best varieties for cultivation in the amateurs garden are: Table Dainty; Long Green; Moores Cream; Bash Green.

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