How to Cultivate Lettuce

These plan ts must be rapid ly brought to maturity, and for this a deeply cultivated soil well enriched with manure, is necessary. The first sowing should be made in March. The drills should be drawn 1 inch deep and 1 foot apart. The seeds should be sown in little clumps of four or five every six inches.

When the seedlings are large enough to handle they should be thinned out, leaving the strongest to develop. The thinnings should be planted in rows 1 foot apart, allowing 6 inches between the plants. Those which were left to grow at thinning time will be ready for uso about ten days before the second batch. This will ensure a continuous crop.

It is not wise to grow lettuce in large batches, as these plants soon run to seed. Therefore it is best to make successioual sowings at intervals of three weeks throughout the growing season.

There are two sections of lettuce, the cabbage lettuce which forms a cabbage-like heart with crisp young leaves, and the cos lettuco. Most varieties of this section turn naturally, but hearts may be formed more quickly by tying the plants loosely with raffia.

Some of the best varieties for cultivation in the amateurs garden are: Cos LETTUCE: Paris While; Little. Queen.

Covent Garden Winter Brown; Jumbo. CABBAGE LETTUCE: Continuity; All the Year Round.

Tom Thumb; Early Paris Market.

Golden Queen. (Veiich.)

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