How to Cultivate Celerlac (Turnip-rooted Celery)

These plants are very like Celery, except that the roots are similar to that of a turnip. They are grown on the flat and blanching is not necessary. They like a richly manured soil and plenty of water.

Seed is sown in March in mild heat and the seedlings treated as celery. They are planted out in June, in rows 1£ feet apart, and 1 foot between the plants. If desired a catch crop may be grown between the rows. Eemove all old sprawling leaves and lateral shoots once or twice during the growing season.

The first roots may be pulled in the middle of September. Early in October the crop should be lifted and stored in sand or earth in a cold dry place. Cut off all the leaves before storing.

The best varieties for cultivation in the amateurs garden are Giant Ball and Snowball.

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