Horseradish and Apricot Sauce

This unusual, distinctive sauce makes a delicious accompaniment to any white meat, but especially chicken.



2 tablespoons plus

2 teaspoons sugar

5 fl. oz. water

8 oz. apricots, halved and stoned

2 tablespoons grated fresh horseradish

1 teaspoon dried marjoram

½ teaspoon black pepper

In a medium-sized saucepan, dissolve the 2 tablespoons of sugar in the water over low heat, stirring constantly. When the sugar has dissolved, add the apricots and simmer them for 15 to 20 minutes or until they are soft.

Drain the apricots and, using the back of a wooden spoon, push the fruit through a nylon strainer into a bowl. If the puree is too thick, mix in a little of the cooking syrup.

Measure 4 fluid ounces of the apricot puree and put it into a medium-sized mixing bowl.

Stir in the horseradish, marjoram, the remaining 2 teaspoons of sugar and the black pepper. Spoon the sauce into a sauceboat and chill before serving.

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