Hippeastrum in the greenhouse

Commonly known as Amaryllis. They are bulbous rooted, and the flowers are generally various shades of yellow and red.

Pot in January in a compost of two partb niy loam, one part river sand, and a few crushed bones. Ample drainage should be provided in the pots, and these should be in a temperature of from 50 to 70 degrees according to the time of the year.

As soon as growth commences water should be given freely. This should be continued till July, and after this period the bulbs should be kept quite dry. When the flower spikes appear, a weak dose of liquid manure will prove of great assistance. Large bulbs should have a top dressing every year, but repotting should only be done once in every three or four years.

Hippeastrums may be increased by offsets removed at potting time and treated as old bulbs, or seeds may be sown singly in 2-in. Pots. The seedlings should be kept moist for about thrco years, when they will begin to flower, and should then be treated as ordinarj plants.

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