Helleborus (Christmas Rose)

Hardy border plants.

Plant in autumn or spring in a rich loam which has been enriched with manure. Set the plants 12 inches apart in a shady, well-drained east border. During the dry weather they will need plenty of water, and from May to Septembor an occasional dose of weak liquid manure may be given. When once established these plants should be left undisturbed. Thoy should be protected in winter by hand-lights or cloches, and during the flowering season the soil surface should be covered with moss.

Increase by division of the roots in March. Seeds may also be sown in a cold frame in autumn or spring, transplanting into the open ground when the seedlings are one year old. The best varieties for the amateurs garden are: . Niger, white, flowers to March. 1 ft.

H. N. maximus, white, with pink buds.

H. orientalis (Lenten), white, pink and crimson, Pebruary-April. 1A- ft.

Hemerocallis (Day Lily). Herbaceous border plants.

Plant in autumn or spring in an ordinary deep rich soil in a moist, slightly-shady situation. The plants should not be dis-turbed until they deteriorate.

When once the plants are established a mulch of well-decayed manure may be appi d in April or May. Increase by division of roots in autumn or spring.

The best varieties for the amateurs garden are: H. aurantiaca major, rich orange. H. Dr. Regal, deep orange. H. flam, canary yellow. H. Golden Belle, pure gold. H. Kivanso flora plcno, orange, shaded crimson. Double.

All these varieties bloom in June and July, the flowers being borne on stems 2 ft. in height.

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