THE Hedgehog is a pet that can often be had literally for the picking up, for it is often to be met with on quiet roads and when pressed does not try to run away, but rolls itself up and trusts to the protection of its priokers.

It can be kept in a hutch like a rabbit or allowed to run about in an enclosure with a smooth fence, for it will olimb up an ordinary wall and escape, in spite of its awkward appearance. It can be fed on raw meat and bread and milk, much like a cat or a goat or a ferret, in fact, and is a great destroyer of insects and other small life, including cockroaches in cellars – and also, unfortunately, young chickens. When kindly treated a hedgohog soon gets tame and ceases to put up its spines when approached.

Its hutch should have a retiring-room filled with dry dead leaves, or a watertight box similarly provided should be placed in any enclosure it inhabits; here it will sleep for the winter but should be looked at from time to time to see it it has woke up and is in want of anything.

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