One of the largest flatfish, halibut is found chiefly in the North Pacific and off the coasts of the North Atlantic. It has close-textured, firm white flesh and is notable for the fact that it has two eyes on the right side of its head – a feat of evolution caused by the fact that it lies, on its left-hand side, on the bottom of the sea bed.

A fully-grown halibut can weigh any-thing up to 500 pounds and is, obviously, sold in fillets, steaks or other small portions. Very young halibut, weighing between 2 and 4 pounds, are noticeably more delicate in flavour and texture than the larger ones, and may be bought whole.

Halibut is obtainable all the year round, although it is generally reckoned to be at its best from late summer to early spring. Most of the usual methods of preparing cod, brill and turbot are suitable for halibut.

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