Ginger is the root or tuber of a perennial plant, native to the West Indies, South Asia, India and China. The root has a in forms-ground, preserved, candied and root ginger. light brown skin and a firm, pungent flesh.

Ginger is used in cookery either in its root form or as a ground spice.

Root ginger is used mainly in pickles and chutneys and, when it has been grated and pounded, in curries.

Ground ginger is widely used in des-serts, cakes and biscuits .

Preserved ginger and crystallized ginger are eaten as sweetmeats or used as a garnish.

Ginger is also used to flavour drinks, such as ginger ale, ginger beer and ginger wine, Ginger Ale

Ginger ale is a non-alcoholic effervescent drink. It is made from coloured car-bonated water and flavoured with ginger and sugar.

Ginger ale is drunk on its own, used in punches or in place of soda water with spirits, such as whisky or brandy.

A luscious and decorative dessert, Ginger Ale Fruit Jelly is made from a variety of colourful fruit. Serve it with whipped cream.

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