Geranium (Cranes Bill)

Herbaceous plants, the taller varieties being grown in the borders, while the dwarf kinds are easily grown on the rockery.

Plant in autumn or spring in an ordinary rich soil in a sunny, well-drained situation. When the plants are in flower a weak dose of liquid manure may be given occasionally. Increase by division of the roots in autumn or spring. Seeds may also be sown in the open in spring.

Some of the best for the amateurs garden are: 67. armenum, purple crimson, May-August. 2 ft.

G. Endressi, bright rose, June-August. 1 ft.

G. grandiflorum, violet, June. 1 ft.

G. ibericum, veined purple, June-July.

G. Phozum, purple-brown, June. 2 ft. G. pratense, purple, June. 3 ft. 67. Pylzowianum, bright pink, June-July. 9in.

The Cranes Bill Geranium is often confused with the scarlet Pelargonium, which is commonly called Geranium. These are entirely different families.

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