Points to remember when Selecting and Arranging Furniture and figures.

AWELL-FURNISHED garden encourages every member of the household to live an open-air life. In this climate of alternating warm and chilly days, even at midsummer, it is impossible to be really happy and comfortable in the garden unless there is plenty of shelter.

A garden shelter must be weather-proof, with a roof that will keep out rain, walls that will keep off keen winds. If it is of the fixed type, it will be all the better for blinds, or doors and windows that can, on occasion, be used to close the side that opens to the sunshine.

If these points are ensured by the nature of the structure, its position can then be at any convenient point on the north or east of the garden, so that the shelter faces south or west. This allows midday and evening sun to enter.

If a shelter is to fulfil all these requirements in a fairly exposed garden, great care must be taken in selecting the right type. Specialists offer many intriguing designs in timber and in asbestes sheeting. The warmest type is that constructed of weather-boards, or elm boarding, on the outside, lined inside with asbestes sheeting and panelled overlays.

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