Fuchsia in the greenhouse

Although these will grow in almost any soil they prefer a compost of turfy loam and leaf-mould, with a little broken charcoal, mortar rubble, and sand added. If they are treated generously they will flower for three months.

They like a temperature of 55 to 60 degrees, and grow best in a shady position.

They should never be given clear water, but when moisture is necessary a weak stimulant should be applied. In warm weather the foliage should be sprayed, and always the plants should be kept in a moist atmosphere.

Fuchsias may be increased by seeds sown in spring in a temperature of 70 degrees, but this method is not so satisfactory as taking cuttings in either spring or autumn. These cuttings should be inserted in a compost of two-thirds loam and one-third leaf-mould with an addition of well-rotted manure and old mortar rubble.

The size of the pots depends on the time the flowers are wanted in bloom. For flowers in July a 6- or 9-in. Pot will be large enough, and a 12-in. Pot will not be too large for September or October blooms. The plants will require stopping, but this should not be done within two months of the flowering poriod.

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