Hardy bulbous plants, mostly gre wn in the border.

Plant in autumn, setting the plants about 4 in. deep and 8 in. apart in an Ordinary rich soil, with a little lime. They like to be grown in the shade, where they should be left undisturbed for four years. These plants may also be grown in pots in the greenhouse.

Increase by means of offsets treated as bulbs. Seeds may also be sown when ripe, or in the spring, although seedling plants do not flower until they are from four to six years old.

Some of the best for the amateurs garden are: F. Meleagris (Snakes Head Fritillaria), produced in various colours and very suit-able for naturalizing in grass. 12-18 in. May.

F. imperialis aurora (Crown Imperial), bright orange. 2-3 ft.

F. Armena, yellow bells, April. 6 in.

F. Askabadensis, sulphur-yellow, veine 1 green, March. 3 – 4 ft.

F. citrina, pale yellow, shaded green, May. 9 in.

F. Eggeri, fawn coloured. 15 in.

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