Euphorbia in the greenhouse

E. pulchcrrima is worth a place in the greenhouse for its ornamental scarlet bracts. Grow in pots of loam, with cow manure and leaf-mould, peat and sharp sand added, in a temperature of 50 to 65 degrees. When new shoots appear, shake the soil from the roots, cut some away to reduce their bulk, and repot in fresh soil. Prune shoots back in April to one or two buds. Dry after flowering.

Freesia. Although these are almost hardy bulbous plants they are best grown in mild heat. They may be planted from July to December to obtain a continuous supply of blooms. They like a light, well-drained soil, preferably sandy loam with some crumbly cow manure, and a fair amount of moisture.

After flowering, the water supply should be gradually decreased. From May to July the plants should be quite dry. They can be easily increased from seed sown when ripe in sandy loam and leaf-mould, using 5-in. Pots. Before sowing it is a good plan to soak the seeds to hasten germination. They may also be increased by offsets removed in July or August.

Modern freesias include many different colours, and some of the best varieties are: Buttercup, yellow.

Conquest, lilac-rose.

La Charmante, apricot-pink.

Laura E. Richardson, blue.

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