Erythrina in the greenhouse

These shrubby, fleshy-rooted plants are sometimes called Coral Plant, the flowers being red in colour. Thoy will thrive very well under generous cultivation, and in warm districts may be grown in the open garden during the summer months, but, if preferred, they may be cultivated as greenhouse plants.

They like a rich loamy soil and plenty of air should be allowed to reach the plants. They are easily increased by seeds, oi cuttings may be taken in the same way aa Dahlia cuttings and started in heat in spring.

Eucalyptus. These are valued for their aromatic grey-white leaves, which make excellent greenhouse decoration, or they may, if preferred, be grown as bedding plants during the summer.

They should be potted up in March in a compost of fibrous loam, leaf-mould and charcoal, using 6- to 8-in. Pots. They may be increased by taking cuttings in June, or seed may be sown from June to September in a temperature- of 60 degrees.

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