Herbaceous plants suitable for cultivation in the beds or borders.

Plant in autumn in a light, deep, rich sandy soil, with a quantity of manure added. They like a well-drained sunny position, where they should be lejt undisturbed. Give them plenty of water in dry weather, and mulch with well-decayed manure in autumn.

During the winter months they will need protection. This can be given by covering the plants with old litter.

Increase by division of roots in spring or autumn. Seeds may also be sown in spring. The seedlings should be grown in a cold frame for the first three 3-ears.

Some of the best to grow in the amateurs garden are: E. Bungci. Yellow.

E. Elwe&ianus, pink.

E. himanicus, white.

E. Himrob, soft yellow with golden stamens.

E. robiistus, pink.

E. Tubcrgeni, soft 3ellow.

E. Warei, orange-salmon.

All the above varieties flower from May to July, and attain a height of 5-8 ft.

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