Blackberry Wine

Press out the juice from ripe blackberries and let it ferment for two days. Skim, and add half a gallon of water and three pounds of raw sugar to each gallon of juice. Allow it to remain for twenty-four hours in an open receptacle, skim and strain, and pour into a clean cask, which must be securely corked. A bottle of brandy added in the cask improves the wine, which should remain at least six months in the cask before being bottled.

Black Currant Wine

Crush freshly-gathered black currants and rub them through a sieve. Measure the juice, and add the same amount of water, and pour over sugar, allowing one pound to each quart. Let the mixture stand for twelve hours, then put in stone bottles. As it works over refill the bottles for two or three days, and leave in a warm place for three weeks. Lightly cork until fermenting ceases, then cork firmly and stand for six months before bottling.

Cherry Drink

Remove the stones from a handful of ripe cherries, bruise them, and let them steep in a pint of water. Allow to stand for some hours, then strain, and sweeten with two ounces of loaf sugar.

Cherry Liqueur

Split a quarter of a 11 pound of black cherries and a pound of Morelle cherries. Remove and crack the stones. Put the cherry-stones, twelve bruised cloves, and a quarter of an ounce of cinnamon into a large bottle and over these pour a quart of brandy. Cork tightly, let it stand for ten days, and then strain and bottle.

Currant – Stalk and wash one pound of ripe red currants, mash them with a wooden spoon and add half a pint of water. Put into a preserving-pan with half a pound of castor sugar. Stir over the fhe until it begins to simmer, then pass through a hair sieve. Make a syrup by boiling half a pound of sugar with three gills of water, add this to the fruit-juice, together with a pint and a half more water. When cold put into bottles.

Ginger Beer

Boil one gallon of water, add to it three quarters of a pound of loaf sugar and one ounce of bruised white ginger root. When nearly cold, add one ounce of yeast. Leave to stand for twenty-four hours, then filter through a flannel bag, and bottle.

Ginger Wine

Pour two quarts of boiling water on to three and a half pounds of loaf sugar. Let it cool, then add half an 306 ounce of essence of ginger, a quarter of an ounce of essence of cayenne, and tliree quarters of an ounce of tartaric acid.

Grape Wine

To every four pounds of grapes, well bruised, add one gallon of water, let it stand seven or eight days, stir frequently and strain, and to every gallon of liquid put four pounds of loaf sugar. When quite dissolved fill up the cask, and as it ferments fill up with some kept out for the purpose. After it has done working put a little isinglass to clear, if necessary.


Grate thepeclofsixlenions, pour a quart of boiling water on it, and let it stand for some time. Strain the juice of the lemons and add with two ounces of clarified sugar. Squeeze througha jelly-bag.

Lemon Syrup

Boil two pounds of loaf sugar with two pints of water for a quarter of an hour, then put in a basin and leave it to get cold. Beat one ounce of citric acid to a powder and mix with it half a dram of essence of lemon. Add these to the syrup, mix well, then bottle ready for use. Use about two tablcspoonfuls of syrup to a tumblerful of cold water.

Mint Sherbet

To one quart of water add one pound of sugar. Stir until the latter is dissolved, and boil for five minutes. Strain, and when cool add the juice of two lemons and the chopped and pulped leaves of twenty-four stalks of mint. Put into a freezer and stir rapidly during the process of freezing.

Mulled Claret

Boil a teaspoonfvd of mixed spice and half a dozen cloves in half a pint of water until well flavoured, then add a bottle of claret, and sugar to taste. Bring all to the boil. Serve hot.


Squeeze the juice of six oranges and two lemons in a quart of boiling water, then slice the fruit and put in with the juice. Pour frequently and quickly from one jug to another, and strain.

Peppermint Cordial

Boil half a gallon of water with two pounds of lump sugar. Stir well, and take off any scum that ma) appear on the top. When the syrup has boiled for ten minutes remove from the fire, and when cold add two tablespoonfuls of essence of peppermint. Before bottling the cordial, add a piece of washing soda about the size of a small pea. This is an invigorating drink for cold nights, and is also good for indigestion. Use two table-spoonfuls to a glass of hot water.

Pineapple Cup

Pour the juice from a tin of pineapple, then cut the fruit into small pieces, and put into a bowl. Pour over it a quart of boiling water. When cold, add the pineapple juice and sugar to taste. When ready for use, add two bottles of lemonade.

Red Currant Wine

Pour one gallon of boiled water on to four quarts of red currants and allow to stand for a fortnight, stirring each day. Strain, and add one pound of loaf sugar to each quart of syrup. Put into a stone bottle with half an ounce of isinglass and a few raisins. Do not cork, and allow to stand for six weeks. Strain and bottle and keep in a cool, dry place for twelve months.

Ruby Glow

Stew half a pound of sugar, half a pint of water, and half a pound each of raspbcrries,red currants,Morellacherries, and strawberries. When soft, pass through a hair sieve, and add half a siphon of soda water immediately before serving.

Russian Tea

Pare and slice a lemon, and lay a piece in each cup. Sprinkle with white sugar, and pour over hot, strong tea. Serve without cream or milk.

Syrup for Effervescing Drinks

Take one quart of juice from any kind of juicy fruit which happens to be in season; filter it and boil gently with one pound of loaf sugar until it forms into a syrup. Add one and a half ounces of tartaric acid. Bottle when cold. The quantity required is two tablespoonfuls to one tumbler of water. To obtain an effervescing drink, add half a teaspoonful of carbonate of soda just before drinking.

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