Coreopsis (Tickseed)

Order Composite. Hardy herbaceous plants, generally grown in bed3 and borders. Plant in autumn or spring in an ordinary soil in a well-drained, open position. Increase by seeds sown in April in the position where they are to flower; also by division of the roots in autumn or spring.

C. grandijlora, golden-yellow, all summer. 3-ft. Is excellent for cut flowers.

C. rosea is pale pink, Juno to July. 6-in. To 2-ft.

Crinum (Capo Lily). Order Amarylli-dacece. Hardy bulbous plants, grown in very sheltered borders. Plant in March, setting the bulbs 6-in. Deep in rich, deep soil. Protect from very severe weather. Sow seeds in spring in sandy soil in mild heat. The plants grown from seed will take several years to flower. Also increase by offsets treated as bulbs at planting time. Height 3-ft. Colours white or red.

Crocosmia. This is a bulbous-rooted plant which can be grown in the open ground and also in pots in the house rooms-Plant in September or October, setting the bulbs 6-in. Deep and 4-in. Apart in a light, rich sandy soil. They prefer to be grown in a partially-sheltered position on the south border. During the winter they will need a covering of litter to protect them from severe weather. Increase by offsets in October.

Seeds may be sown in September or October in sandy soil, and kept in the greenhouse.

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