Clearing Drains

On the principle that prevention is better than cure, the gratings to all gulleys should be kept in place, and be renewed if they break. Even if the gratings are in good order, dirt may work through them and form deposits which ultimately fill the trap and prevent water flowing.

The only course in such cases is to remove the grating, clean out the trap by hand, and flush the trap liberally till the water flows away as fast as it is poured in. In the autumn all gulleys should be inspected and cleared of leaves, a few of which are sufficient to choke them sic GULLEYS, COVERING).

A sudden flush with sufficient water to bank up behind an obstruction may prove successful where repeated flushings with bucketfuls fail. Thus, if the obstruction is somewhere between the inspection chamber and the sewer, it is worth trying the effect of blocking the outlet of pipe connecting house and chamber, and quickly pouring in the contents of a few baths, filled ready.

As the chamber fills, the .pressure will increase, until it may begin to shift the obstruction and finally work it clear. If the water sinks slowly, more should be added to maintain the pressure.

Should these measures not be effective, it may be necessary to remove the plug over the trap leading out of the chamber, and expose the branch pipe which gives a straight run into the drain for the introduction of cleaning rods, or a long cane.

If rods are not available, but a cane shows the obstruction to be fairly close to the chamber, the effect of the jet nozzle of the garden hose may be tried. The hose is lashed to the cane and pushed in, and the water is turned on. The erosive action of the jet may succeed where a small steady pressure proves useless.

If the drain is blocked between house and inspection chamber, the inlet into the last should be blocked with a quickly removable plug of some kind and water be poured into the gulley from the sink till it shows. A sudden removal of the plug and simultaneously with a bucket being emptied into the gulley may do the trieic

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