The cherry is a small round stone-fruit found in innumerable varieties, of which there are two main types – sweet and sour. The best-known varieties of the sweet cherries are Geans, Hearts and Dukes. Geans are soft and sweet, and either

black or red in colour. Hearts are known according to the colour of their skins: white hearts, black hearts, etc. Duke

cherries are hybrids of sweet and sour, and are sometimes called May Queen in Britain and the United States. Sweet

cherries may be eaten raw by themselves or in fruit salads, or may be made into jams, pie fillings, syrups and puddings.

They may be preserved in spirits or by drying, crystallizing or freezing.

Of the sour cherries, Amarelles are pale red, with colourless juice, sharp but not acid in taste, and may be eaten as

dessert fruit. Morellos are either black or red, and always bitterly acid. They are used in cooking. The Damasca is a very

small bitter cherry, from which the liqueur Maraschino is made.

Glace cherries are used in the making of cakes, puddings, biscuits , sweets and so on, both as an ingredient and as a decoration. Cherries which have been pitted, cooked in sugar syrup and flavoured with Maraschino may be used as a cocktail

garnish or as an ingredient in cakes, biscuits , etc.

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