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Making Wine From Fruits – Boiling Method

Why Use The Boiling Method To Make Wine? The boiling method lost most of its popularity when it was discovered that heating the fruits gave pectin into the wine to cause heavy and permanent cloudiness. This was, of course, before pectin-destroying enzymes came onto the market for general use by amateur wine-makers. It was owingContinue Reading

Easy To Make Fruit Wines

With more and more people living in flats or other limited accommodation, there is an increasing need for recipes and methods that produce wines that can be ready in a short time, be used up quickly owing to shortage of storage space, and yet still be wines of reasonable quality. Let us copy the FrenchContinue Reading

Preserving Wine Ingredients

When I was a child (pity that’s such a long time ago) my parents made thirty to forty gallons of wine at a time in what we called the outhouse, a built-on wooden affair stretching right along the back of the house with a window running the length of it. I can recall the vastContinue Reading

How To Preserve Home Made Wine

Preserving Wine For Maximum Taste It must be made clear at once that there should be no need to preserve well-made wines containing the maximum amount of alcohol. This is because there should be sufficient alcohol in the wine to preserve it. However, it does sometimes happen that, in spite of good yeasts and aContinue Reading

How To Store Home Made Wine

Storing Wines In The Best Environment Temperature and darkness are two very important factors here. There is very little the average amateur can do about storing in the ideal temperature simply because he has to store wherever he can. But it is worthwhile during the maturing period to attempt to keep the temperature fairly constantContinue Reading

How To Mature Home Made Wines

Maturing Home Made Wines There is no doubt that maturing is the final phase in the production of quality wines. And, alas, it is true that a multitude of amateur wine-makers never let their wines prove themselves. Many of them think: ‘This wine tastes all right as it is, I can’t see it improving allContinue Reading

How To Use A Hydrometer

Using the Hydrometer Many people go through their wine-making lives without using the hydrometer and this is quite understandable, for the truth is that it is not an essential in making good wines. But it does perform a very useful service and it is known that many people would use it if they could getContinue Reading

Blending Wines

I never used to understand the virtues of blending wines. I firmly believed in my early days that if I made wine from elderberries or blackberries then it must be from these alone, without any addition of any sort. I felt that if I could not make a good wine from these fruits alone, IContinue Reading

Common Wine Making Faults

Correcting Faults In Wine Correcting or adjusting faults in finished wines is all part of the know-how of wine-making, and herein lie many of the tricks of the trade together with many of the skills that go to make a clever wine-maker. When making wines we set out to produce a certain type of product.Continue Reading

How To Siphon And Bottle Wine

Siphoning and Bottling This is a very simple means of drawing wine from one container to another without disturbing the deposit, as would most certainly happen if the wine was poured instead. Many people shirk this operation because they think that there is some sort of mystery to it. There is no mystery, although itContinue Reading

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