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Dog Obedience – Stand and Temperament Test

When I heard that the new Obedience Regulations included a temperament test in Novice and Class A I was delighted. I had agitated for something of that sort ever since I became interested in obedience. Alas, when I read the new regulation, I found that it was not a test of temperament at all. TemperamentContinue Reading

Dog Obedience – Retrieving

We now come to an exercise which may require literally no training at all or which you may find the most difficult of all to teach — depending more on your dog than on your training ability. Most training authorities will tell you that there are two methods of teaching a dog to retrieve —Continue Reading

Dog obedience – Recall and Finish

RECALL Here we find the same exercise given different headings in Obedience Classes and Working Trials. For Obedience we have: Recall from Sit or Down (beginners, Novice and Class A) The dog should be taken by the handler to the place indicated and should be placed in the Sit or Down position, at the handler’sContinue Reading

Teaching a Dog To Stay Down–The Down-stay Command

The explanatory notes for obedience classes where it is called the ‘Down/Stay’ say simply that: This test should be carried out exactly as for the Sit, except that dogs will be left in the Down position throughout the test. In Working Trials the Down exercise is the same for all stakes — ten minutes, handlerContinue Reading

Teaching a Dog to Sit and Stay

For Obedience Classes we are told: Sit-Stay This is a group test and as far as practicable all dogs must compete together. The Judge or Steward will direct handlers to positions in the ring. The command ‘last command’ will be given when all are ready and handlers should then instantly give their final command toContinue Reading

How to get a Dog to Sit At Heel

On the command ‘Halt’ the handler should halt immediately and the dog should sit straight at the handler’s side. Although the exercises are called ‘Heel on lead’ and ‘Heel free” it is probably true to say that more points are lost by dogs not sitting properly than by dogs not walking properly to heel. ActuallyContinue Reading

Sit At Heel

I shall base my advice on how I should start a completely untrained young dog between ten and eighteen months old — a dog which is neither timid nor shy, and which is free from bad habits. If you have brought him up on the lines I have been recommending, you will find these exercisesContinue Reading

How To Stop A Puppy Barking

Oddly enough, very few people, experienced trainers as well as novices, take any trouble to teach a puppy to remain quietly where he is left until his owner returns. This may seem a very trivial and unnecessary exercise. However, when one considers the number of dogs, including winners in obedience classes, which create pandemonium whenContinue Reading

Preventing Bad Habits In Puppies And Dogs

At one time I advocated not starting training until a puppy was nine to twelve months old, but a dog can learn a lot by the time he is nine months old. The owner of a six-month-old pup which chased cars and ripped the place to pieces once said to me: ‘Of course I couldContinue Reading

House Training A Puppy

The first thing many people do when they bring a puppy home is to start house training it. And I am certain that efforts in this direction completely ruin the temperaments of many good dogs for life. The first essential to any success in training any animal (by success I mean an animal that worksContinue Reading

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