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Dog Obedience Training – Manwork

Manwork should be enjoyable to both dog and trainer but, before starting, make sure you have the right dog. A nervous dog which, without training, would run a mile if threatened with a stick can often be trained to attack quite easily. But he won’t lose his nervousness. Like the dog which fights through fearContinue Reading

Speak and Cease Speaking on Command

This exercise is a test of command and ability. The Judge may control the position of the handler in relation to the dog, but the handler may at his discretion give the command at the Stand, Sit, or Down. On the Judge’s direction the dog will be ordered to cease barking. Excessive incitement to speakContinue Reading

Dog Training – Directional Control

Sending dog away in direction indicated by Judge not less than fifty yards, stopping and redirecting not less than twenty yards. This exercise is included in both TD and PD stakes and obviously starts with a send away. At the end of the send away the dog has to be sent to the right orContinue Reading

Steadiness to Gunshot

It is not right that dogs should be tested in competition away from the controlling influence of the handlers as other dogs may also be free in the vicinity. Dogs should be tested individually walking at heel free. A dog under test barking or interrupting its bee/work on the sound of gunshot other than merelyContinue Reading

Training a Dog to Track Back

Although not now included in any of the Working Trial Regulations the track back or seek back is a very useful exercise to teach. It can be good fun for both dog and trainer and can be practised any time when out for a walk. It is merely an extension to retrieving and any dogContinue Reading

Dog Obedience – Search

Fortunately in Working Trials the retrieve is put to some practical use. In the CD Stakes we have an ‘Elementary Search’ when the dog must find one handler’s article placed by a steward and unseen by dog and handler. The area to be searched is twelve yards square and the time allowed two minutes. InContinue Reading

Dog Training – Agility and Jumping

Next to working sheepdogs, nothing gives me greater pleasure than a good jumping dog. And nothing is more pathetic than the all too frequent sight at trials of a handler trying to force a dog to jump an obstacle which it has neither the ability nor the inclination to negotiate. Just after the war theContinue Reading

Advanced Stand, Sit And Down

At one time a separate exercise this is now incorporated in class C heel work. At sometime during this test, at the discretion of the Judge, the dog shall be required, whilst walking to heel at a normal pace, to be left at the Stand, Sit and Down in coy order ( the order toContinue Reading

Dog Obedience – Send Away Drop and Recall

This exercise is the same in classes B and C. On command of Judge to handler, dog to be sent away in direction indicated by Judge. After the dog has been dropped handler will call the dog to heel whilst walking where directed by Judge and both will continue forward. No obstacle to be placedContinue Reading

Scent Discrimination

CLASS A Handler’s scent on handler’s article. The total number of articles shall not exceed ten, all of which shall be clearly visible to the dog. CLASS B Handler’s scent on article provided by Judge. A separate similar article to be used for each dog and the total number of articles shall not exceed ten,Continue Reading

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