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Growing Watercress

Watercress is one of the most valuable salad vegetables from the point of view of vitamins. May be grown without running water by digging a trench 2 ft. wide and 1 ft. deep, in a sunny position, placing 6 in. of rotten manure in the bottom, covering with 3 in. of soil and sowing seed thinly in April and again in August, or planting cuttings. The trench should be flooded with water fairly frequently while the plants are in growth. Permanent beds are usually made of concrete and are about 4 ft. wide and 6-10 in. in depth. The flow of water should be controlled by suitable sluices or valves. Three inches of good soil should be placed in the bottom of the bed and a little clean gravel or sand on top. Cuttings from selected plants are dibbled into this bed 6 in. apart each way. Usually two plantings are made, one in May or June and the other in October. Restrict water to a depth of 11 in. at first, but increase slowly according to the growth of the plants. Three to four inches is sufficient under ordinary conditions.

The principal disease of watercress is mildew.

Mustard and Cress

Mustard and Cress are two of the most easily and rapidly grown salad vegetables. Sowing may commence under glass in January in a temperature of 60° to 65°. Outdoors it is not wise to start sowing until mid-April or to continue after August. Shallow boxes are used for .greenhouse cultivation, and these may be filledContinue Reading

How To Grow Lettuce

There are three types of lettuce, the cabbage, cos and loose leaf. Choice may be determined by personal taste, some people liking the crispness of the cos, while others prefer the softness of the cabbage and loosetleaf types. Soil must be rich and well prepared to encourage quick growth. Manure or compost should be workedContinue Reading

Growing Endives

One of the virtues of this is its hardiness, which makes it possible to secure supplies in winter at a time when lettuces are difficult to produce. Soil should be rich in order to ensure quick growth and tender leaves. Dung at the rate of 1 cwt. to 8 sq. yd. may be supplemented byContinue Reading

Growing Green Salad Vegetables

Quick growth in good rich soil, with never a check to the water supply is the culture secret of small green salads. Chicory is gaining favour as a salad or vegetable in this country. It is sown in lines in late spring, allowing 1 ft. between the rows, and thinning the seedlings to 9 in.Continue Reading

Growing Salad Vegetables

Lettuce There are three different types of lettuce : cabbage, cos and loose leaf. Cabbage lettuces are divided into two groups: Butter-head, e.g. ‘Unrivalled’, ‘May King’. Crisp-head, e.g. ‘Webb’ s Wonderful’, ‘Windermere’. Sowing The sowing times are linked closely with varieties. The table shows when to sow for successional crops. Sow fairly thickly in 1-in,Continue Reading

Growing Salad Vegetables

There is no doubt that a good and continuous supply of salads helps to ease housekeeping. Apart from their economic value, fresh and raw vegetables are good for both health and beauty. Salads need never be dull for there are now so many salad plants you can grow. Salad plants are crops grown especially forContinue Reading

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