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Sowing to harvest time: 26 to 30 weeks. Yield: 3kg (6.5 lb) to a 3m (10ft) row. Climate preferred: Cool temperate to subtropical. Aspect: Open and sunny or partially shaded. Soil: Any, provided it is well-drained. Salsify, which is white-skinned, has a distinctive, somewhat fishy taste. Hence its other name: the vegetable oyster.  Scorzonera, whichContinue Reading


(1) As brassicas require a well-consolidated soil, prepare the plot several months in advance of planting by giving it a dressing of lime if necessary. Get the seed bed ready for sowing by treading the soil really firm at a time when it is sufficiently dry so that it will not stick to your boots.Continue Reading

Flowering Trees and Shrubs

One of the best times of the year to think about using sprays of flowering trees and shrubs to enliven your home is when the bare brown twigs of winter start to bud into the flowers and leaves of spring. At this season they are doubly valuable – there is not much else available forContinue Reading

How to Cultivate Herbs

HERBS As any good cook will soon tell you, even with all these vegetables in our gardens, there are some vital ingredients missing – herbs. These plants and shrubs take up little space and are invaluable in the kitchen for flavouring food. There is room in every garden to grow a few herbs – theyContinue Reading

How to Cultivate Peas

Peas are excellent summer crops, which need a deeply cultivated soil. The first crop should be sown on light soil in a sunny, sheltered spot, in February. On heavy soil, however, this sowing should be left till March. Successional crops may be sown up to Juno. The seeds should be sown thinly in broad drills.Continue Reading

How to Cultivate Brussels Sprouts

Sowing to harvest time: 28 to 36 weeks, depending on the variety. Yield: 1 kg (21b) of sprouts to a plant. Climate preferred: Cool temperate. Aspect: Open, but sheltered from strong winds. Soil: Heavy, firm and rich in organic matter. Brussels sprouts are an excellent green crop for the winter months and freshly picked sproutsContinue Reading

How to Cultivate Broccoli

Sprouting broccoli – calabrese (or green), purple and white varieties. Sowing to harvest time: 12 to 16 weeks for calabrese; 40 weeks for purple and white varieties. Yield: Calabrese, up to 0.9kg (21b) per plant; other varieties, average 0.45 kg (1 lb) per plant. Climate preferred: Cool temperate to sub-tropical. Aspect: Open, but sheltered fromContinue Reading

How to Cultivate Asparagus

Asparagus plants prefer a deep sandy loam. Plant in April, spreading out the roots and setting the plants 15 inches apart, the crowns to be 5 inches below the surface. When cutting, it should be remembered that no shoots should be removed the first year, a moderate quantity the second, and freely afterwards. The shootsContinue Reading


THE queen of the garden likes to be treated in a royal manner. In other words, roses are best grown in a separate section of the garden. They do not like to be jostled by other flowering plants. The reason for this is that the rose, being shrubby in nature, likes plenty of air andContinue Reading

Lawn Mowers

Once your new grass – whether grown from seed or turf – has reached a height of 5 cm (2 in) it can be cut lightly with a mower to reduce it to 2.5 cm (1 in). This first cut should be made when the grass is perfectly dry, and the clippings should be collectedContinue Reading

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