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Greenhouse Plunging Bed


This consists of a bed of moisture-retaining material such as well-weathered ashes, grit, or peat, outside the greenhouse in a sheltered place. When it is necessary to stand pot plants outside during summer the pots are immersed up to their rims in the plunging bed, which is kept thoroughly moist. Plastic pots should be plunged so that their rims are just below the surface, but when it is known that certain plants are to spend a fair time in the plunge during some stage of their culture, it is wise to choose clay pots for them. The clay Greenhouse Plunging Bed is porous and will allow moisture through. Plunged pots are kept damp and cool throughout the day, whereas if they were stood in the open, on the ground surface, they would soon become baked by the sun and the plants ruined. Plunged pots are also less liable to blow over.

Another use for the plunging bed is in the growing of bulbs, which often need plunging after potting to ensure development of a good root system. This is especially important when forcing.

Whatever material is used for the plunge bed it can be kept in position by a rectangle of four boards. Alternatively a pit can be made in the ground if the drainage is good. The moisture retaining material must be kept moist – not waterlogged. For this reason a frame often makes a convenient plunge bed or a cover for one.

Greenhouse Frames and Cloches

It is not possible to deal with frame and cloche gardening proper here. It is a specialised subject to which a whole site can be devoted. However, it should be realised that frames, in particular, can take over much greenhouse work. Many of the low-growing subjects and pot plants frequently given greenhouse space could justContinue Reading

Greenhouse Gadgets

MISCELLANEOUS AIDS AND GADGETS FOR GREENHOUSES In all greenhouses potting has to be done at some time or other. If there is no potting shed with a bench, it is worth making a small portable potting bench that can be put on the staging or on some other support when required. The bench is merely aContinue Reading

Greenhouse Electrostatic Shading Paint Coolglass

This has completely revolutionised greenhouse shading and is a quite new introduction. The Greenhouse Electrostatic Shading Paint material is called Coolglass. It is a liquid concentrate that can be diluted with water instantly to give any degree of shading required. It is an intense white and is formulated to reflect back from the glass those raysContinue Reading

Greenhouse Blinds

Shading when necessary is of the utmost importance, so greenhouse blinds play a very important role in maintaining optimal temperatures. Many beginners in greenhouse gardening fail dismally merely because they do not appreciate this fact. In winter the greenhouse benefits from all the sun it can get, but in summer the sun-trap effect can beContinue Reading

Greenhouse Exterior Fittings, Frames, Gutters, Weather Vanes

In some cases it is a good idea to make wire frames to go over doors or ventilators to keep out birds or domestic pets, and sometimes small children. All can do much damage in a few minutes. Much depends on individual circumstances and the greenhouse situation as to whether it is worth going toContinue Reading

Greenhouse Thermometers

At least one accurate greenhouse thermometer is vital to the successful running of any greenhouse. Undoubtedly the best choice is the maximum and minimum type. This has tiny indicators inside the glass capillary which can be set with a magnet or, in the newest designs, by gravity. There are also dial types. The indicators willContinue Reading

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