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Gardening Jobs In February

‘February fill-dyke’ is the old saying, and it can certainly be that in a good many parts of the country, either because of rain or melting snow. But the days have steadily begun to lengthen, and the extra light -and sometimes warmth – will start plants into growth towards the end of the month. LawnsContinue Reading

Gardening Jobs In January

The first of January may be the start of the Roman calendar year, but as far as gardening is concerned it is only the beginning of the end, spring being more commonly regarded as the start for gardeners. However, in January some plants begin to flower, snowdrops, winter aconites, the occasional primrose, and winter heliotropeContinue Reading

Gardening Calendar – Garden Jobs Month By Month

Gardening Through The Year needs careful planning to get the most done with the least effort. You don’t want gardening chores piling up all in one month and with this garden job planner you should be able to get well organised and see in advance what gardening month by month you will have to do.Continue Reading

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