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Maintaining Comfortable Temperatures In A House

It is easy enough to measure the air temperature of a room with a thermometer but it is far more difficult to say at what temperature a person feels comfortable in a room. Whether internal good feeling predisposes us to comfort and emotional upset causes us to be more critical of our environment is somethingContinue Reading

The Efficiency of Different Fuels

Basic energy units The electrical and mechanical energy we use daily for heating is measured in many ways but I will ignore all those British Thermal Units, horsepower and therms, and deal instead in kilowatt-hours (kWh). To be scientifically correct all measurements of energy should be in Joules, Kilojoules, Megajoules and Gigajoules. But we areContinue Reading

Main Types Of Heating Appliances

Heating appliances fall broadly into two categories: boilers and power units that provide full or partial central heating and fixed or portable appliances, of which there is a wide variety, that can be used almost anywhere in the house either independently or to supplement the central heating. Electric heaters. Storage radiators and storage fan heatersContinue Reading

Different Types Of Heating Systems Explained

Full central heating involves heating the whole of the house to a required temperature and maintaining that temperature irrespective of how cold it is outside the house. Since the boiler or central heating unit and the distribution equipment must have sufficient capacity to meet extreme outdoor conditions, the running costs of full central heating areContinue Reading

Heating the Home–Quick Check List

The options open to you in heating your home range from whole-house or full central heating to local or focal-point heaters used alone or to top up central heating. There are several heating systems to choose from and a variety of appliances. Heating checklist Before installing or converting the heating system in your home, considerContinue Reading

Central Heating Boiler And Pump Problems

BOILER AND PUMP FAULTS A faulty circulation pump may result in cold radiators, over heating or excessive noise. 1. You can tell if a pump is running by switching the programmer to ‘constant’ and holding a screwdriver to it, like a stethoscope: if you hear a noise, suspect some other fault — like an airlock;Continue Reading

How To Fix A Central Heating Thermostat

FAULTY THERMOSTATS AND TIMESWITCHES When all your radiators go cold — or get hot when you don’t want them to — the first thing to check is your room thermostat. 1. Make sure it is on the right setting — 15°C in a hallway. 21°C in a living room. If you turn the dial backContinue Reading

How To Fix A Cold Radiator

DEALING WITH COLD RADIATORS If one or more radiators are cold, or significantly cooler than the rest, suspect an airlock caused by air getting into the system or the presence of gas due to a chemical reaction between air, water and metal. Simple airlocks can be removed by bleeding using a special key to openContinue Reading

Commissioning A Central Heating System

Commissioning a central heating system simply means getting the system working for the first time, and naturally you’ll be keen to feel your heating working. But don’t let that prevent you from taking care over this important final stage. The first step in commissioning is to fill the system so that you can check forContinue Reading

How To Use Microbore Pipe For Central Heating

WORKING WITH MICROBORE PIPE Flexible microbore pipe can be easier to work with than conventional rigid copper tube. But only if you know how to handle it. To cut it, use a junior hacksaw. Ream out the inside carefully — you cannot afford to make the diameter any smaller than it already is. It isContinue Reading

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