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How Paint Affects Radiator Output

Before decorating a radiator consider what you expect the radiator to do. Do you want the room to warm up quickly or would you prefer more of the heat to remain within the system and be emitted slowly? Has the colour to match the general room d├ęcor or doesn’t it matter? Do you want aContinue Reading

Painting a Radiator

Popular colours for radiators vary from generation to generation. The first radiators installed in public buildings were generally matt black, because it was then believed that a rough black finish allowed heat to pass from the system to the surrounding air quickly. When well-breeched householders first adopted central heat- ing at the turn of theContinue Reading

Types of Radiator

Radiators are made of cast iron, which is cheapest; pressed steel, which is lighter than cast iron; and aluminium, which is lighter still and does not build up so many deposits inside. Like almost everything else in life designs are dictated by fashion: Column and hospital radiators. The traditional type. Take up little room becauseContinue Reading

Types of Fuel For Home Heating

Consider the following points when making your choice of a central heating system: (i) What can be afforded for the initial installation and, even more important, for subsequent running costs? (ii) What are your heating requirements, full, background, partial or selective? This will be controlled by the size of the house, your living habits, sizeContinue Reading

Central Heating and Insulation

As information on how to install central heating is available from the suppliers of various fuels, each competing against the other to get your business, we will confine the present section to discussing heating in general, giving the relative merits of the four methods: solid fuel, oil, gas and electricity. Not that this is easy,Continue Reading

Organising Wood For Wood Burning Stoves

Building a sawing horse Your wood may arrive by the ton, already cut and split, and then it will only remain for you to hand over your money and cart the wood to some place where it can be stored, preferably under cover. If you have to cut slab wood or timber from a demolitionContinue Reading

Chimneys For Wood Burning Stoves

Choosing the best position To make the most of any stove installation it is best to use a chimney placed in the middle of your house. Any brick or stone chimney will become warm as the hot flue gases pass up it, especially if the stove is run continuously throughout the winter. The warmed bricksContinue Reading

Installation Of Wood Burning Stoves

Dealing with the risk of fire The installation of a stove should aim to be as long-lasting as the stove itself. The picture of long runs of metal stovepipe, glowing a cosy red across the classroom ceiling of an American midwest schoolroom at the turn of the century is not on. Apart from being unacceptableContinue Reading

When And Why To Choose A Wood Burning Stove

There are well over 1,500 woodstove models to choose from. Which one you select will remain largely a matter of personal preference: but do check that the manufacturers’ suggested rates of heat output are compatible with the heat required in your house. Also, a cast iron stove will last longer than one of thin sheetContinue Reading

Best Ways Of Dealing with Condensation

Moisture vapour in the air forms condensation when it comes into contact with cold surfaces, because cold air can hold less water vapour than warm air; as the air cools it reaches a dew point temperature where the water vapour it contains can no longer remain as a gas, so it condenses. This is frequentlyContinue Reading

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