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Chimney Repairs

Chimney repairs should be undertaken only by competent and confident people, using the correct access equipment. Depending on the scale of the repairs, it may be necessary to haul up mortar, bricks and even new chimney pots, and a variety of bricklaying tools may be needed. The job will be a comparatively lengthy one, includingContinue Reading

Fixing and Fitting Domestic Drainage Systems

The drains — the system of pipework, hoppers, gullies and underground pipes that carries waste water of all types away from the house — rarely get the regular checking and maintenance they deserve; too often, the only attention they get is when there is a blockage, yet a regular check-up would help to avoid theseContinue Reading

Ceiling Décor Tips

Polystyrene tiles both decorate and insulate. Although they can be used in any room they are especially suited to kitchens and bathrooms where they combat condensation. They are an ideal covering for a poor, though stable ceiling. Sizes are normally 300mm and 600mm square. A clean, dry, sound surface is needed so any paper orContinue Reading

Basic House Construction

Your home is quite a complex assortment of materials and constructional techniques. In general terms a wider range of skills is needed to repair and maintain the house interior than is necessary for work on the exterior. However, there are two big advantages with indoor repairs: they are easy to get at, by and large,Continue Reading

Home Extensions Basics

An extension can be anything from a study to a conservatory and is often a great joy. Decide just what your extra space is to be used for — it might be adequate (and certainly cheaper) to buy a shed for the garden. If you feel that it is an extension you want, then makeContinue Reading

Cellars And Home Improvements

Modern houses rarely have cellars, but up to the last war they were fairly common. Damp, dark and depressing, they’re the obvious places now for central-heating oil tanks. There are about as many rules for converting your cellar to be habitable as there are for the attic, but adequate light, ventilation and height are theContinue Reading

Floor And Stair Repairs

An uneven wooden floor is best levelled with a floor-sanding machine, which can be hired. Ask your hire-shop for clear instructions as to how to use this. Walking about and observing the noise of bare boards will show if there are any gaps between boards and joists. Warped boards may be pulled down by drivingContinue Reading

Fixing Blocked Drains In A Hurry

Most waste water runs into a gulley with a trap which can be lifted out. If this is cleared frequently it is unlikely that the drain can become blocked from that source. Lavatory pans connect direct to the drains. If a lavatory does not empty, first try freeing it with a plunger in the sameContinue Reading

Gutter Repairs

Gutters are intended to collect water from a roof and take it to downpipes. These may meet at funnel-shaped containers, called hoppers, and from here the water flows down to a drain. A surprising amount of other debris is washed down with the water and hoppers may become choked with nests and growing plants. BeforeContinue Reading

Pointing Repairs

The mortar between bricks may break away and become uneven. The visible edge is called pointing and keeps a wall both weather-resistant and attractive. If pointing is necessary, use a narrow cold chisel to chop out the old pointing to a depth of about 10 mm (2/5 in). Be careful not to damage the bricksContinue Reading

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