Caraway Seed

This spice, which has been used for thousands of years, grows wild in Europe (including Britain), Turkey, Persia and North

Africa, and has become naturalized in North America. It is cultivated in Holland, Russia, the Balkans and other parts of Europe, but not in Britain.

Caraway seed is an aid to digestion, and is therefore traditionally included in dishes which tend to cause indigestion.

The root of the caraway is cooked and eaten as a vegetable in some parts of Europe, but the seed is most commonly used.

Caraway seed is used in cakes and biscuits in Austrian and German cooking, and in cheese, bread and pastries. The

Hungarians add it to goulashes, and it is also cooked with sauerkraut, cabbage and potato dishes. An aromatic oil can be

obtained from the seeds, which is used to flavour drinks such as kummcl, anisette, and schnapps, and it is also used


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